North Americans have a standardized method for teaching math to kids and teachers have taught multiplication the same way for decades. But what if there was another way to teach multiplication that could help the kids who are having difficulty?

In Japan, they have a completely different approach to multiplication and once you see how easy it is, you’ll want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. It’s an interesting graphical representation of the traditional way to do multiplication!
Emacs for windows, right from the belly of the beast :)
Design patterns are a surefire way to make your projects scalable, maintainable and optimised. At Google I/O 2018, Google introduced the BLoC pattern. It took a bit of time for me to understand the concept totally and to be able to actually use it in one of my projects. To help my fellow developers out, I detailed below my process of integrating BLoCs in the applications that I develop. I hope sharing this can help other developers understand the pattern easily.unity flutter
In this post we’re going to explore how to use text shadows in Flutter. Text is a massive part of any application, and using shadows can make it look very stylish.flutter
Text is a massive part of any mobile application, so making sure it looks great and is easy to read is essential. In this guide I’m going to be covering methods in which text can be styled in Flutter. This includes using custom fonts, sizing, fontWeight, global theming and more.flutter
Just about every app you use has to query a database and show the results on screen. Firebase makes this easy by providing SDKs for apps to directly read and write the databases provided by the platform (Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore). But there are some situations when you want to route all requests through a server side component, such as Cloud Functions, to manage the query. But how do you make that decision? When is it better to directly query from the client, and when is it better to route the request through a backend? There’s no right or wrong answer here, so let’s weigh each option by the properties that matter the most.
Since its open source launch in 2013, Docker became one of the most popular pieces of technology out there. A lot of companies are contributing, and a huge amount of people are using and adopting it. But why is it so popular? What does it offer that was not there before? In this blog post we want to dive deeper into the internals of Docker to understand how it works.

The first part of this post will give a quick overview about the basic architectural concepts. In the second part we will introduce four main functionalities that form the foundation for isolation in Docker containers: 1) cgroups, 2) namespaces, 3) stackable image-layers and copy-on-write, and 4) virtual network bridges. In the third section there will be a discussion about opportunities and challenges when using containers and Docker. We conclude by answering some frequently asked questions about Docker.unity
Simple Login Flow in Flutter, then Firebase

Part One: Implementing the login flow without Firebase to build a baseline application for those not using Firebase

In this piece, we will create a simple application with the following components:

  • Default Main App Entry Point
  • Use of FutureBuilder Widget to wait for data before rendering UI, the concept used throughout the app
  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • Authentication Service
  • Demonstrate the use of the Provider as discussed in the Flutter Documentation Simple App State Management
There are plenty of examples online about setting up Firebase for Flutter so I will jump right into the code instead of walking thru the basics.flutter
State management is a hot topic in Flutter right now.

Over the last year, various state management techniques were proposed.

The Flutter team and community have not (yet) settled on a single “go-to” solution.

This makes sense, because different apps have different requirements. And choosing the most appropriate technique depends on what we’re trying to build.

Truth be told, some state management techniques have proven very popular.

  • Scoped Model is known for its simplicity.
  • BLoCs are also widely used, and they work well with Streams and RxDart for more complex apps.
  • Most recently at Google I/O, the Flutter team showed us how to use the Provider package and ChangeNotifier to propagate state changes across widgets.
Having multiple choices can be a good thing.

But it can also be confusing. And choosing a technique that will work and scale well as our apps grow is important.unity flutter dart
User authentication is a very common requirement for a lot of apps.

In this article we implement a simple authentication flow in Flutter, in less than 100 lines of code.

As part of this, we will see how to:

  • use FirebaseAuth to sign in anonymously.
  • use StreamBuilder to present different screens depending on the authentication status of the user.
This is the basis of my Reference Authentication Flow with Flutter & Firebase on GitHub.

So, let’s start from the basics.flutter
Even though your mobile phone comes equipped with various tunes you can use as a ringtone, most of the times you want to use a custom sound. Luckily, applications like AVCWare Ringtone Maker give you the possibility to load nearly any audio file and convert it so that it perfectly covers the time your are announced of an incoming call.

Easily cut and convert files

Running the application brings up the main window which puts all available features at your fingertips. A decent progress slider lets you skip through the loaded song while offering info on the exact time you might want to make use of for start and end points.

The output folder can be specified, and once details mentioned above are set, hitting the “Start converting” button puts the process in motion. It only takes a matter of seconds to have the newly created file ready.

Various audio file formats supported

Playback buttons are available either for the whole song or for the selected a part. A start and end point can be set by manually writing down corresponding time values.

The application gives you the possibility to load a breathtaking amount of media. You are not limited to audio files, but also a decent amount of video formats. However, you are only able to export to some of the most commonly used audio file types.

Moreover, the bitrate can be set, as well as number of channels and sample rate. This comes in handy, as it helps you adjust settings to reduce file size as much as possible.
Je hebt geen buienradar nodig om te voorspellen of er regen op komst is. Door de lucht boven je in de gaten te houden en met een beetje kennis over wolkenvorming lukt het ook.

Tegenwoordig zijn de meeste weersvoorspellingen gebaseerd op geavanceerde computersimulaties. Deze simulaties maken gebruik van alle natuurkundige vergelijkingen die de atmosfeer beschrijven, inclusief luchtstromingen, de warmte van de zon en de formatie van wolken en regen. Dankzij allerlei verbeteringen doorheen de jaren zijn de vijfdaagse weersvoorspellingen tegenwoordig even accuraat als de driedaagse voorspellingen 20 jaar geleden.

Toch heb je geen supercomputer nodig om te voorspellen hoe het weer boven je hoofd zal veranderen in de komende uren - iets wat vele culturen al millennia lang weten. Door de lucht boven je in de gaten te houden en met een beetje kennis over wolkenvorming kan je voorspellen of er regen op komst is. Met een beetje kennis van de fysica achter wolkenvorming wordt de complexiteit van de atmosfeer meteen duidelijk en krijg je een beter idee waarom het weer voorspellen voor een periode langer dan enkele dagen zo een grote uitdaging vormt.

Hieronder volgen zes wolkensoorten om in het oog te houden, die je kunnen helpen om het weer te begrijpen.weer
Ook dit jaar zat u bij ons op de eerste rij voor de Koningin Elisabethwedstrijd - viooleditie 2019. Blik in ons dossier terug op de wedstrijd met veel extra videomateriaal.

“Ha, het kan dus ook zo gespeeld worden.” Dat zei Johannes Brahms ooit tegen Eugène Ysaÿe nadat hij hem zijn eigen beroemde vioolconcert had horen uitvoeren. Een hart onder de riem en een aanmoediging voor de jonge violisten die op maandag 29 april beginnen aan de Koningin Elisabethwedstrijd. Die is voor de 19de keer gewijd aan de viool en violisten, inclusief de allereerste editie in 1937, toen de wedstrijd nog werd genoemd naar de vermelde Belgische topviolist Eugène Ysaÿe. Later kwamen daar piano, zang, kortstondig compositie en – in 2017 – cello bij. Maar de viooleditie blijft voor vele muziekliefhebbers toch de meest geliefde.
Google Chrome has its own built-in task manager that can help find and fix any issues that are causing it to run slow, have dead tabs, or crash.

Tracking down what's causing problems in a browser can be difficult. The built-in Task Manager in Chrome can help determine if there's an extension or site that's causing an issue and end the problem.

Chrome's Task Manager shows all pages in every open tab and all installed extensions running in Chrome. You can see the amount of memory, processing power, and network activity that's being used by every tab and extension and terminate any site or extension that's creating the problem.

Open the Task Manager with with the keyboard shortcut Shift Esc or by clicking the three dot menu in the top right, choosing More tools and then Task manager.
The project, which was code named Hummingbird, has finally seen the light of the day, with Google announcing the first technical preview of Flutter for Web. This amazing implementation allows us to create Flutter apps, and compile it to a standards-web project, with just a few commands. In this article, we will go through the implementation of Flutter on the Web, from scratch.unity flutter
A stream is one of the challenging topics for the beginner. It took lots of efforts to understand. In order to understand the Streams, you will need to go through the various Examples and then you will get what Exactly Streams is.

At the end of the post, I will write one Flutter application which will be based on the same example which I had discussed in Dart.

I am also going to put my understanding of Streams into the words and Examples.unity flutter dart
Today we’re announcing the stable release of the Dart 2.3 SDK, with new language features that improve your coding experience when developing user interfaces, new tooling support for developing Flutter UI, and two new websites: & dart
Een nieuwe belastingbrief, nieuwe regels. 2018 was het jaar waarin de belastingschijven werden hervormd en de belastingvrije som – dat deel van ons inkomen waarop we geen belastingen moeten betalen – werd opgetrokken. Dat betekent voor vele Vlamingen dat er minder moet worden betaald. Maar dat is niet het enige goede nieuws, zo ontdekten we samen met de fiscalisten van Test-Aankoop. De belangrijkste nieuwigheden op een rijtje.taal test
In mei leggen alle vogels een ei, en de fiscus een bruine enveloppe. Jawel, het is weer die tijd van het jaar: de belastingaangifte moet worden ingevuld. Het zou zonde zijn honderden euro’s te verspelen omdat je één of meer bedragen niet of verkeerd hebt ingevuld, en je zo een belastingvermindering misloopt. En dus zochten wij samen met de fiscale experts van Test-Aankoop uit hoe we jou zo efficiënt en voordelig mogelijk door dat klusje kunnen krijgen. Tot en met vrijdag in de krant en op Vandaag: alles wat je moet weten om eraan te beginnen.weer verkeer test
These free and legal sites offer live TV, movies, and video on demand. It is not easy to sort through hundreds of videos uploaded every day, so we've found the best free and legal streaming sites for you.

Free streaming sites usually but not always require a free account to use and are ad supported. It may be pop-up ads, video ads, or sitting through ads before and after watching movies or TV shows. Most of them are only available in the US, though some can be accessed from other countries. Here is a list of the top free and legal sites to stream content, presented in no particular order. At the bottom there are sites that are not exactly popular streaming sites but are interesting, unusual, or have specialized content.
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