Google Chrome has its own built-in task manager that can help find and fix any issues that are causing it to run slow, have dead tabs, or crash.

Tracking down what's causing problems in a browser can be difficult. The built-in Task Manager in Chrome can help determine if there's an extension or site that's causing an issue and end the problem.

Chrome's Task Manager shows all pages in every open tab and all installed extensions running in Chrome. You can see the amount of memory, processing power, and network activity that's being used by every tab and extension and terminate any site or extension that's creating the problem.

Open the Task Manager with with the keyboard shortcut Shift Esc or by clicking the three dot menu in the top right, choosing More tools and then Task manager.
The project, which was code named Hummingbird, has finally seen the light of the day, with Google announcing the first technical preview of Flutter for Web. This amazing implementation allows us to create Flutter apps, and compile it to a standards-web project, with just a few commands. In this article, we will go through the implementation of Flutter on the Web, from scratch.unity flutter
A stream is one of the challenging topics for the beginner. It took lots of efforts to understand. In order to understand the Streams, you will need to go through the various Examples and then you will get what Exactly Streams is.

At the end of the post, I will write one Flutter application which will be based on the same example which I had discussed in Dart.

I am also going to put my understanding of Streams into the words and Examples.unity flutter dart
Today we’re announcing the stable release of the Dart 2.3 SDK, with new language features that improve your coding experience when developing user interfaces, new tooling support for developing Flutter UI, and two new websites: & dart
Een nieuwe belastingbrief, nieuwe regels. 2018 was het jaar waarin de belastingschijven werden hervormd en de belastingvrije som – dat deel van ons inkomen waarop we geen belastingen moeten betalen – werd opgetrokken. Dat betekent voor vele Vlamingen dat er minder moet worden betaald. Maar dat is niet het enige goede nieuws, zo ontdekten we samen met de fiscalisten van Test-Aankoop. De belangrijkste nieuwigheden op een rijtje.taal test
In mei leggen alle vogels een ei, en de fiscus een bruine enveloppe. Jawel, het is weer die tijd van het jaar: de belastingaangifte moet worden ingevuld. Het zou zonde zijn honderden euro’s te verspelen omdat je één of meer bedragen niet of verkeerd hebt ingevuld, en je zo een belastingvermindering misloopt. En dus zochten wij samen met de fiscale experts van Test-Aankoop uit hoe we jou zo efficiënt en voordelig mogelijk door dat klusje kunnen krijgen. Tot en met vrijdag in de krant en op Vandaag: alles wat je moet weten om eraan te beginnen.weer verkeer test
These free and legal sites offer live TV, movies, and video on demand. It is not easy to sort through hundreds of videos uploaded every day, so we've found the best free and legal streaming sites for you.

Free streaming sites usually but not always require a free account to use and are ad supported. It may be pop-up ads, video ads, or sitting through ads before and after watching movies or TV shows. Most of them are only available in the US, though some can be accessed from other countries. Here is a list of the top free and legal sites to stream content, presented in no particular order. At the bottom there are sites that are not exactly popular streaming sites but are interesting, unusual, or have specialized content.
There’s always some small detail in every programming language or framework that once discovered, makes it a lot easier to work with.

This article is all about the Dart and Flutter tips, I will be writing an article like this every month. My aim is to cover all the Flutter and Dart Tips I have discovered. All tips shared can be found in thus “FlutterDartTips” repo on Github.flutter dart
Open-source SDK Flutter offers developers a way to readily deploy custom user interfaces for Android and iOS apps — once you know how to optimize its features.flutter
GraphQL is a query language in which we send the query to the GraphQL Server. The server executes the query at runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Let’s me make you understand this in more easy words. I suppose that you know SQL (Structured Query Language). If we are having a user table with the information about their name, age, email, phone. Now you want to fetch the name and email of the user then you will write a query for that and you will get that information. (Select name, email form the users).

You will not get age and phone of the user because you have not asked for that information. These are a thing of the server-side (backend). If you are a frontend developer and you had made 20 pages where you need users information. You will ask the backend developer that I want user information on different pages so I need an API. Backend developer will make API will give you an endpoint.

> on 6 pages you want user’s name only

> on 10 pages you want user’s email and name

> on 4 pages you want user’s name email and phone.

So you backend developer may apply two approaches.

  • He will make 3 different endpoints with different data.
  • He can make a common API with all the information.

What is the problem with these two approaches?

  • We are having multiple endpoints. If someday we will ned user’s name and age then we need to make another endpoint.
  • We are not having multiple endpoints but we are over fetching the data, on each page we don’t want the user’s phone still we are getting the data.
graphql unity flutter
I recently got a chance to use Flutter in a commercial project. Having tried a variety of architectures before, I decided to combine Flutter with Redux, because it’s challenging and fun. To document the development and share this experience with you, I selected a simple and usual case: the Welcome — Sign-In — Sign-Up flow.redux flutter
Voor heel wat geneesmiddelen bestaan goedkopere alternatieven. Je kunt ze opzoeken met onze module. En je vindt meteen ook de bijsluiter.
Hey everyone! In this article we’re going to be building a Flutter Application which integrates with Firebase to to authenticate users as well as allow them to sign up or sign in with Google.unity flutter
PDF search engines make it easier to find free PDF eBooks, PDF files and other document files that might be overlooked by search engines with a wider focus. Looking for document files using a dedicated search engine lets you view results in specific formats, filtering out formats so documents are easier to find.
It’s very hectic to manage state in flutter it when we have a complex UI and complex widget tree.

Before we jump into the state handling using bloc you need to understand about state management.flutter
Hello again! Have you already heard about reactive programming? RxDart is a reactive functional programming library for Dart language, based on ReactiveX. Dart already has a decent package to work with Streams, but RxDart comes to adds functionality on top of it. But now you might be asking, what’s Stream?react flutter dart
REST stands for Representational State Transfer.

It is an architectural style, set of rules to standardize the web, to maintain uniformity across web applications worldwide. It intends to enhance maintainability, scalability, reliability and portability of web applications.

Main idea behind REST is resources. Everything you want to access in a web application is a resource, whether it is a media or documents you want to download, update, delete. REST defines a way to access, transfer, and modify these resources.

This tutorial covers the following three high-level concepts:

  • REST Basic Concepts – This section explains the 6 key rest architectural constraints
  • Key elements of RESTFul implementation – This section the 6 different elements of a RESTful implementation
  • Create a Python REST web-service – This sections gives a step-by-step instruction on creating a basic REST web-service in python
Eind 2018 heb ik de bekende bundel met alle GIMP cursussen bijgewerkt. Het bevat er nu 38 en het heeft bijna 200 pagina's. Met de inhoudsopgave en de lijst met de download links is het een heel praktisch boekwerk. Deze bundel is gemaakt om je te helpen! Hij is voor iedereen kosteloos te downloaden, net als alle andere open source software waar GIMP toe behoort.
One of the features of Flutter is a possibility to create apps in record time. However, it is very important to write Dart code properly and to use the best practices, Effective Dart, from the beginning. There are some good tools and packages that help you to apply best practices quickly.perl flutter dart
In this tutorial, I will be going over how to handle a common async situation in Flutter, without throwing architectures at the problem. You’ll learn how things can be done for simplicity and how to evolve that into something maintainable and sophisticated… over time… IF it needs to evolve.flutter
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