I use Gmail.

A lot.

This means that anything that gets between me and my emails means a productivity hit.

Lately, the Meet tab that Google has added to the Gmail app on iOS, iPadOS, and Android -- presumably to try to get us to use it -- has been annoying me, getting in the way of my fingers, and taking up screen space.

Here's how to make the Meet button go away, freeing up more screen space.
  • Installeer Signal via de knop hieronder
  • Open Signal op je telefoon
  • Tik op de instellingen via de drie puntjes rechts bovenin
  • Tik op 'Nieuwe groep'
  • Je moet ten minste één contactpersoon toevoegen om een groep in Signal te kunnen maken
  • Kies één contactpersoon en tik op de blauwe pijl om verder te gaan
  • Geef de groep een naam en een foto en tik op 'Aanmaken'
  • Tik op 'groepsinstellingen' via de drie puntjes rechts bovenin
  • Tik op 'Groepsverwijzing voor deze groep' en schakel de optie in
  • Tik op 'Met anderen delen' en dan op 'Kopiëren'
  • Plak deze link in de WhatsApp-groep waarvan je de overige deelnemers wilt uitnodigen voor Signal
Signal is een privacyvriendelijke chat-app. Dat kun je aan een aantal zaken merken. Zo is de code volledig open-source en inzichtelijk voor iedereen. De berichtendienst verzamelt daarnaast geen gegevens van gebruikers en komt standaard met end-to-end-encryptie. Toch is het verstandig om even de instellingen van de chat-app te bekijken en hier een aantal zaken aan te passen. Dit zijn de belangrijkste 5 aanpassingen voor Signal.
Een frisse pint drinken op café of genieten van een menu op restaurant: op een buitenterras is het weer mogelijk. Al zit er een addertje onder het gras, want niets is zo onvoorspelbaar als het Belgische weer. Of toch niet? Talloze weerapplicaties op de smartphone doen hun best om zo accuraat mogelijk het weer te voorspellen. Een overzicht van de min- en pluspunten van de meest gedownloade weerapps.weer
Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple accounts for new messages and display notifications.

In addition to the great Gmail and Google Apps integration, Gmail Notifier Pro also offers support for any e-mail service and the most popular calendar services, social networks, document and news sources. Messages from all these sources can be managed from Gmail Notifier Pro, and notifications of new messages will be displayed on the Windows desktop.news
It can be useful to get the compilation date of an assembly. For instance, you can display it in addition to the version number: v1.2.3 built one day ago.
Summer is here! Capture mosquitoes with this easy DIY trap!
Awareness helps you become more aware of time spent on the computer by playing the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to mark every hour of continuous computer use. It also displays how long you’ve been using your computer without a break in the menu bar.

Awareness will never nag you or force you to stop using the computer. Just take a five-minute break whenever you are ready, and Awareness will sense it.
Windows 10’s registry is packed with useful hidden settings you can’t find anywhere else in Windows. From classic registry hacks that worked on Windows 7 to all-new hacks for Windows 10, here are our favorites.
Windows 10’s taskbar clock can display the precise time down to the second. This feature requires a registry hack to enable, and only works on Windows 10. Windows 7 users will instead need a third-party utility like T-Clock Redux to do this instead.

Early beta versions of the taskbar clock did show seconds. However, this caused performance problems in the 90’s, and the feature was removed before the release of Windows 95.redux
In the newsgroup alt.fan.cecil-adams on Usenet, there was a discussion of the number of persons needed in a room to get a greater than 50% chance of having two persons with the same birthday or having every birthday represented. Perry Farmer questioned the reasonableness of the assumption of uniformity of the distribution of birthdays in a calendar year. I opined that the distribution was reasonably close to uniform. Having access to a large number of birthdates from life insurance policy applications, I volunteered to analyze the available data.

I retrieved birthdates from 480,040 insurance policy applications made between 1981 through 1994 of a Life Insurance Company. (The data summarized by birthdate can be found here) I summarized the data by date, by month and by day of month.news
You might be experiencing video lag or stutter or some glitches while playing videos on the VLC media player, or Windows Media player. This video lagging or stuttering can be due to various reasons starting from the outdated media player or graphic cards, improper settings on the VLC player, Windows 10 hardware, or software issue to corrupt videos.
Cherry is best known as the creators of highly-coveted keyboard switches, the tiny switches that sit behind every key in your favorite input device. They’re less well-known for actually making their own peripherals, which is why the Cherry KC 4500 Ergo is particularly interesting.

This full-sized keyboard is, as you can see above, ergonomically designed for comfort. The keyboard is 18.70 x 8.53 x 1.39 in and not backlit.

The chiclet-style keys have a similar key travel to MacBook keys and are quite silent. The depth is satisfying but the entire thing has a slightly mushy feel, which you’d want if you’re trying to reduce strain on your hands. While they aren’t my favorite style, they are definitely easy on the fingers and very quiet.
Because the noise of a mechanical keyboard isn't for everyone

If you’re not loving the clicking and clacking of a mechanical keyboard, a membrane keyboard might be right for you. Most keyboards are membrane keyboards, consisting not of separate parts, but one flat underlying surface with pressure pads that you activate via keystrokes. The keys may not have a strong tactile feel when you press down on them, but they have the advantage of requiring less pressure and being quieter. Whether you’re interested in ergonomics, a budget-friendly price tag, or both, we’ve rounded up the best membrane keyboard that you can buy for both office and personal uses.test
One of the big advantages of a desktop PC compared to a phone, tablet, or laptop, is being able to use a full size dedicated keyboard. Typing on a phone simply doesn’t compare to the tactile feedback of a real, physical keyboard, especially for those of us with years of typing muscle memory built up. The problem with many traditional keyboards, though, is that they’re just…loud. Many keyboards produce a loud noise when typing, which can be irritating for both the user and anyone in earshot.pc
Hand Wrist Exercises For Gamers
Not everyone enjoys the click-clack sound of a keyboard. Luckily, the best quiet keyboards can tackle typing or gaming without getting on your nerves. Quiet keyboards come in three main varieties — membrane-style, chiclet-style, and mechanical. All three can be quiet, but choosing between them requires an understanding of how you’d like your keyboard to feel and how hard you'd like to press the keys. The right keyboard for you will also be designed to fit your typing needs, whether you’re looking for a general-purpose keyboard, one that’s optimized for gaming, or one with an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use for long periods of time.

If you prefer soft, rubber keys that don’t require a lot of pressure, a membrane-style keyboard could be for you. This common style contains a layer of rubber beneath the key caps, which are often slightly raised or domed and are usually pretty quiet. If you like really streamlined builds, you might prefer a chiclet-style keyboard (common on most laptops). The keys on a chiclet keyboard have an extremely low profile, so you won’t need to press them down very far. Some find them uncomfortable because there’s very little give to them, but they are typically fairly quiet. On the other end of the spectrum, mechanical keyboards have taller keys that require more pressure and feel springy with each tap. Normally, this causes pronounced clicking sounds, but if you like the bouncy feel of a mechanical keyboard, models with sound-dampening mechanical switches keep the noise to a minimum. That said, even quiet mechanical keyboards will likely be louder than other kinds.
Bij de race naar een covidvaccin kwamen meerdere vaccins nagenoeg gelijk over de streep. Lees hier hoe die vaccins ons lichaam leren om zich tegen het coronavirus te verweren.
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