Tunnel through Earth in augmented reality.
Best WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business Transfer without Overwriting

  • Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without overwriting iPhone data.
  • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.
  • Back up WhatsApp on Android and iPhone to computer free.
  • Restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone.
  • Export WhatsApp backup to HTML, PDF and CSV/XLS.
Although not as cringe-worthy as other household chores, like scrubbing down the old toilet bowl, window cleaning is nonetheless tedious and repetitive. The task takes on a new level of annoyance when all that careful spraying and wiping results in a mess of streaks. To add insult to injury, they often reveal themselves only when they catch the light just so, a phenomenon that almost always occurs when company is over.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way! Much like other cleaning chores, taking care of glass, whether it's a window or a mirror or a coffee table, is more about the tools than the actual elbow grease involved. With the right stuff in your bucket, you can get your glass streak-free and crystal-clear in no time. So check out the next page to start our simple list of five tips that'll surely have your glass surfaces sparkling with little effort or expense. It's isn't rocket science, either – the first tip has largely to do with something that should be common sense, but often isn't! Keep reading to find out.
As an admin, you can install Chrome OS Flex on Windows, Mac, or Linux devices so your users can get many of the features that are available on Chrome OS devices.

This Installation Guide will include:

  • The steps needed to create your USB installer, which also includes how to obtain the Chrome OS Flex image.
  • How to boot your device using the USB installer you have created via your chosen devices BIOS/ Boot menu.
  • Steps to install Chrome OS Flex permanently on your device or run temporarily using the USB installer.
  • Information on how to set up and enroll your Chrome OS Flex devices.
Wist je dat het gemiddelde huis ook de thuis is van zo’n 1.500 spinnen? Bijna altijd zijn ze ongevaarlijk.

Geen goeie griezelfilm zonder een spin die onverwacht opduikt. Nochtans zijn de beestjes de beste hulp in huis. Zij voorkomen immers een explosie van andere – minder onschuldige – insecten in je huis. Een doorsnee woning heeft op piekmomenten zo’n 1.500 spinnen die rustig verpozen en op ongedierte jagen in spleten, holle ruimtes, zolders en kelders. Het einde van de zomer is het moment dat ze zich toch in de openbaarheid wagen, vooral de mannetjes dan, op zoek naar een partner.
Ever wondered why good designers focus so much on kerning, i.e., adjusting the spacing between characters in a piece of text? These 15 epic images show you why letter-spacing is important not just in logos and graphic design, but also in everyday handwriting.
The Linux desktop that will transform the industry is ChromeOS.
Screen Ruler is a lightweight and configurable ruler tool for Windows Desktop.

It allows you to measure the size of elements on the screen in different units, including pixels, centimeters and inches.

Measuring is possible either using a two-dimensional, rectangular ruler scale or a one-dimensional, horizontal or vertical scale.

The ruler can be moved and resized precisely using either the mouse or the keyboard and custom marking lines can be added.

Besides coming with a light and a dark theme, Screen Ruler also allows you to fully customize its appearance by changing all color settings.
Handy & Accurate Online Ruler

This is a convenient online ruler that could be calibrated to actual size, measurements in cm, mm and inch, the upper half is the millimeter ruler and centimeter ruler, the lower half is an inch ruler. In order to accurately measure the length of your item, we strongly recommend that you calibrate this online ruler first, set the correct pixels per inch to your own device, after adjustment, you will have the most precise ruler online.
To bring everything together, we're going to write std::Vec from scratch. We will limit ourselves to stable Rust. In particular we won't use any intrinsics that could make our code a little bit nicer or efficient because intrinsics are permanently unstable. Although many intrinsics do become stabilized elsewhere (std::ptr and std::mem consist of many intrinsics).

Ultimately this means our implementation may not take advantage of all possible optimizations, though it will be by no means naive. We will definitely get into the weeds over nitty-gritty details, even when the problem doesn't really merit it.

You wanted advanced. We're gonna go advanced.
Rust is a safe systems programming language. Although C and C are systems languages, they're not safe. Specifically, Rust is a "type safe language", meaning that the compiler ensures that every program has well-defined behavior. Although other languages make the same guarantee, Rust does so without a garbage collector, runtime, or manual memory management.

Key to Rust's safety guarantee, and its most unusual feature, is the concept of ownership. When new Rust programmers run into trouble, the problem often boils down to ownership. Master ownership, and Rust will make a lot of sense. Ignore ownership, and you'll fight the compiler to accomplish even the simplest tasks.

This beginner Rust tutorial, unlike most others, features ownership front-and-center. Short examples highlight the practical consequences of ownership. I'm no Rust expert. However, I have tried to choose examples that speak for themselves, and descriptions that jibe with reputable sources when possible.
rust-mode makes editing Rust code with Emacs enjoyable. It requires Emacs 25 or later, and is included in both Emacs Prelude and Spacemacs by default.

This mode provides:

  • Syntax highlighting (for Font Lock Mode)
  • Indentation
  • Integration with Cargo, clippy and rustfmt
This mode does not provide autocompletion, or jumping to function / trait definitions. See Auto-completion / code navigation below for tips on how to enable this.

If you are missing features in rust-mode, please check out rustic before you open a feature request. It depends on rust-mode and provides additional features. This allows us to keep rust-mode light-weight for users that are happy with basic functionality.
This version of the text assumes you’re using Rust 1.58 (released 2022-01-13) or later. See the “Installation” section of Chapter 1 to install or update Rust.

The HTML format is available online at https://doc.rust-lang.org/stable/book/ and offline with installations of Rust made with rustup; run rustup docs --book to open.

Several community translations are also available.

This text is available in paperback and ebook format from No Starch Press.unity
Rust is a statically compiled, fast language with great tooling and a rapidly growing ecosystem. That makes it a great fit for writing command line applications: They should be small, portable, and quick to run. Command line applications are also a great way to get started with learning Rust; or to introduce Rust to your team!

Writing a program with a simple command line interface (CLI) is a great exercise for a beginner who is new to the language and wants to get a feel for it. There are many aspects to this topic, though, that often only reveal themselves later on.

This book is structured like this: We start with a quick tutorial, after which you’ll end up with a working CLI tool. You’ll be exposed to a few of the core concepts of Rust as well as the main aspects of CLI applications. What follows are chapters that go into more detail on some of these aspects.

One last thing before we dive right into CLI applications: If you find an error in this book or want to help us write more content for it, you can find its source in the CLI book repository. We’d love to hear your feedback! Thank you!
Ongetwijfeld bestaan er vele tienduizenden scheldwoorden. Op het internet alleen al vind je ontelbare links.

Een paar jaar geleden verscheen er een Limburgs scheldwoordenboek met maar liefst 5400 scheldwoorden en persoonstyperingen, enkel voor deze regio.

Het is dan ook onbegonnen werk om een complete verzameling van schimpwoorden uit Vlaanderen en Nederland in papieren vorm uit te brengen, zeker wanneer een dergelijk boek ook nog vindplaatsen moet bevatten die het scheldwoord in een begrijpelijke context plaatsen.

Daarom moeten er bij de selectie keuzes worden gemaakt
Welcome to .NET Multi-platform App UI. This release marks a new milestone in our multi-year journey to unify the .NET platform. Now you and over 5 million other .NET developers have a first-class, cross-platform UI stack targeting Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows to complement the .NET toolchain (SDK) and base class library (BCL). You can build anything with .NET.
The mandevilla plant has become a common patio plant, and rightfully so. The brilliant mandevilla flowers add a tropical flair to any landscape. Once you buy a mandevilla vine, you may wonder what you need to do to be successful at growing mandevilla. Keep reading to learn more about mandevilla care.
DALL·E mini - a Hugging Face Space by dalle-mini
Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android all have dedicated Dark and Light Modes now. Chrome OS devices do too, though it’s not as easy to find. We’ll show you how to use Dark Mode on a Chromebook.

At the time of writing in June 2022, Chrome OS does not have an “official” Dark Mode or Light Mode. The default theme is a sort of mix of dark and light elements. However, Google is working on Dark and Light Mode, which we can enable right now with a feature flag.
Recording a phone call on your Android phone may not be something you need to do often, but when you need to know, you need to know, right? We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide.
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