To the untrained eye, the loops, kinks and folds in the single strand of RNA that makes up the coronavirus genome look like a jumble of spaghetti or tangled yarn. But to researchers like Amanda Hargrove, a chemistry professor at Duke University, the complex shapes that RNA takes on as it folds upon itself could have untapped therapeutic potential in the fight against COVID-19.

In a study to appear Nov. 26 in the journal Science Advances, Hargrove and colleagues have identified chemical compounds that can latch onto these 3D structures and block the virus's ability to replicate.

"These are the first molecules with antiviral activity that target the virus's RNA specifically, so it's a totally new mechanism in that sense," Hargrove said.
Three. The short answer is: you really only need three kitchen knives. Many of us started our adult lives with an all-in-one knife block/set that included a variety of knives. But how many of those knives did you actually use? If you’re planning to regularly serve Thanksgiving-sized meals, sure all of the specialty knives included in the set might be useful. But, on an everyday basis, most home kitchens only need three knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.

I’m likely not the first person to share this piece of advice. It’s become relatively common knowledge that a modern kitchen doesn’t need an arsenal of specialty knives. In fact the legend himself Anthony Bourdain suggested in Kitchen Confidential that one knife was sufficient for most homes: “Please believe me, here’s all you will ever need in the knife department: ONE good chef’s knife, as large as is comfortable for your hand.”

So beyond the large, sharp, comfortable chef’s knife, a small paring knife for more delicate tasks and a serrated knife should round out your essential knife lineup. If you’d prefer to stick with a matching set, there are definitely some solid options. We’d suggest checking out Misen or Wüsthof. But we think it’s a lot more fun mixing and matching the essential kitchen knives. Need some advice picking out these knives? We’ve got you covered.
Nog nooit in de geschiedenis van de mensheid was er ten tijde van een wereldwijde crisis zo veel informatie beschikbaar die de ernst van de situatie in alle transparantie beschreef. De waarheid lag nog nooit zo voor het oprapen, zogezegd. Maar ook nog nooit in de geschiedenis van de mensheid was er zo veel wantrouwen tegen de meest evidente wetenschappelijke feiten.

Deze proletenparadox der antifacters heeft de auteur geïnspireerd tot het opstellen van dit Handboek voor Ontkenners. Hij signaleerde dat anderhalf jaar lang onverdroten onzin ontkrachten een zware wissel trekt op bestrijders van bullshit. Steeds maar weer uitleggen dat een besmetting iets anders is dan een overlijden; na twintig maanden nog steeds dat gelul over de IFR moeten weerspreken; nog stééds gemekker over de PCR-test – dat moest efficiënter kunnen.
Search for your ancestors and relatives in published family trees and also publish yourself to find matches in other family trees
n Delpher vind je miljoenen gedigitaliseerde teksten uit Nederlandse kranten, boeken en tijdschriften die je allemaal woord voor woord kunt doorzoeken. De teksten komen uit de collecties van diverse wetenschappelijke instellingen, bibliotheken en erfgoedinstellingen. Ze worden hier onder één knop aangeboden om het vinden van informatie gemakkelijk te maken.

Meer dan 120 miljoen pagina’s voor iedere bezoeker

Het maakt niet uit wat voor onderzoek je doet en op welk niveau. Delpher biedt voor iedereen de originele teksten uit meer dan ruim 1,7 miljoen kranten, 11 miljoen tijdschriftpagina’s en meer dan 900.000 boeken van de 15de tot de 21ste eeuw. In het totaal vind je in Delpher meer dan 120 miljoen pagina’s en dit aanbod zal de komende jaren alleen maar groeien.taal
Hoe goed de vaccins wel werken, is duidelijk te zien in het recentste rapport van de Risk Assessment Group (RAG) van gezondheidsinstituut Sciensano. Daarin zijn tabellen opgenomen die tonen hoeveel gevaccineerden en niet-gevaccineerden besmet raken met het coronavirus, in het ziekenhuis opgenomen worden en op intensieve zorg belanden.
The Mesopotamians are credited with inventing mathematics. The people of Mesopotamia developed mathematics about 5,000 years ago. Early mathematics was essentially a form of counting, and was used to count things like sheep, crops and exchanged goods. Later it was used to solve more sophisticated problems related to irrigation and perhaps architecture. By the Late Babylonian period was used to solve complicated astrological and geometrical problems.
Als de Boekathon op 7 november 2021 afloopt, dan staan er meer dan 190 nieuwe te herbekijken filmpjes over boeken op VRT NU. Dit langste boekenprogramma van Vlaanderen werd door Tom De Cock 7 dagen lang gepresenteerd vanuit de gelegenheidsstudio op Lees!Het Boekenfestival in Antwerp expo. Zie je door het bos de bomen niet meer, dan proberen we jou op weg te helpen met onderstaand overzicht. Het is wel niet volledig, dus hou je zeker niet in om verder te gaan ontdekken op de themapagina van VRT NUopen in nieuw venster. En wie weet komt dat ene 'onverwachte' boek je ook wel vrt
Ze ging begin deze eeuw de concurrentiestrijd aan met zangeressen als Britney Spears en Christina Aguilera, trad in het huwelijk met boybandzanger Nick Lachey en ze kroop in de huid van de sexy Daisy Duke in de film The dukes of hazzard. Maar een kleine vijftien jaar en veel leed later was er van die Jessica Simpson (41) niet veel meer over. Door haar alcoholverslaving zag ze er onherkenbaar uit. Maar wat doet een zware drankverslaving eigenlijk met je lichaam en geest? Experts leggen het uit.
WhatsApp allows you to format text inside your messages. Please note, there’s no option to disable this feature.

  • underscore for italic
  • asterisk for bold
  • tilde for strikethrough
  • triple backtick for monospace
Microsoft Office 365 has a very interesting addition to their stock graphics range called “Cartoon People” but is really a lot more than just people.

Cartoon People has been added to stock Images, Icons, Cutout People, Stickers and
No matter if you are a DevOps/SysOps engineer, developer, or just a Linux enthusiast, you can use Bash scripts to combine different Linux commands and automate boring and repetitive daily tasks, so that you can focus on more productive and fun things.

Here you can find the completed Bash Scripting cheat sheetunity
When the scroll lock feature is turned on, pressing an arrow key causes Microsoft Excel to move the entire spreadsheet, instead of moving to the next cell. Although helpful for a user viewing a large worksheet, it's also quite annoying for those who have mistakenly enabled this feature. The following sections give instructions for turning off the scroll lock
Multilevel numbering in Word is the number one headache for many people working on large documents. Believe it or not, it's not complicated. It just takes somebody to guide you through safely and point out the pitfalls you need to avoid.

Today that pleasure falls to me!

Grab your free multilevel numbering troubleshooting guide that shows you the steps to get multilevel numbering working properly first time, every time, together with answers to over 20 FAQs and plenty of examples to help you fix what isn't working.perl
If you grew up watching classic Disney movies such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Cinderella," or reading the Little Golden Book version of "Pinocchio," you're probably accustomed to thinking of fairy tales as wholesome entertainment for young children.

That's why it may come as a shock to watch "Snow White" again as an adult and realize that it's a bit macabre. For example, when the jealous queen orders the huntsman to kill Snow White, she demands that he bring back the girl's heart in a jewel box as evidence of his violent deed. And that's just the relatively sanitized, Disney-fied version. In the early 19th-century version published by the German brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, the queen wants to devour Snow White's lungs and liver.
Scientists at MIT have made a discovery that could expand the potential of immunotherapy, enabling it to treat wider variety of cancers. The breakthrough stems from a newfound ability to jump-start the body's immune system with the help of injured cancerous cells, a technique shown to be capable of completely eliminating tumors in mouse models of the disease.

Immunotherapy is a highly promising branch of cancer treatment that seeks to supercharge the body's natural defenses against cancer. There are many possibilities when it comes to how this can be achieved, but the approach pursued by the MIT scientists behind this new study begins with removing tumor cells from the body and then treating them with chemotherapy drugs, at varying dosage levels, and re-inserting them into the tumor.

The idea was to tap into a phenomenon called immunogenic cell death, in which dead or dying tumor cells send out signals that attract attention from the immune system. Delivering these damaged cells back into the tumor along with immunotherapy drugs known as checkpoint blockade inhibitors, which enhance the ability of T cells to attack cancers, was hoped to bring about their swift demise.
A FEN string contains six fields or sections. The separator between fields is a space. The fields are:

  • 1) Piece placement (from white’s perspective):
  • Each rank of the chessboard is described, starting with rank 8 and ending with rank 1; within each rank, the contents of each square are described from the a-file to the h-file.

    Following the Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN), each piece is identified by a single letter taken from the standard English names (pawn = “P”, knight = “N”, bishop = “B”, rook = “R”, queen = “Q” and king = “K”).

    White pieces are designated using upper-case letters (“PNBRQK”)

    Black pieces use lowercase (“pnbrqk”).

    Empty squares are noted using digits 1 through 8 (the number of empty squares), and “/” separates ranks.

  • 2) Active colour:
  • “w” means its White’s turn to move.

    “b” means its Black’s turn to move.

  • 3) Castling availability: If neither side can castle, this is “-“. Otherwise, this has one or more letters: “K” (White can castle kingside), “Q” (White can castle queenside), “k” (Black can castle kingside), and/or “q” (Black can castle queenside).
  • 4) En-passant info: If an en-passant capture can be made, this shows the square that the capturing pawn will end up on. If no en passant move can be made then this field is just “-“. This field is active regardless of whether or not there is a pawn in a position to make an en passant capture.
  • 5) Halfmove clock: This is the 50-move rule counter. It starts at ‘0‘. As soon as a move is played that is NEITHER a pawn move NOR a capture, this counter starts counting. If a pawn move and/or capture is subsequently played, the counter resets to ‘0‘.
  • 6) Fullmove counter: This counts the number of complete moves played. At the start of a game, it is set to 1, where it is waiting for move 1 to be played. White makes a move and, as soon as black replies, it increments to 2, showing that move 1 has been completed and  it is now waiting for move 2 to be played.
chess is a simple online GIF maker and toolset for basic animated GIF editing.

Here you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to GIFs.
Share a secret with a link that only works one time and then self-destructs.

End-to-end encrypted (AES)

100% Privacy protected

How it works: Add your message, create a secret link and share it with your confidant. That's it. We do the magic in between.
25 years ago—on September 26, 1996—IBM launched OS/2 Warp Version 4, its last major attempt to compete with Microsoft Windows in desktop operating systems. While a competent and highly regarded OS, it didn’t take the OS crown. Here’s a look at why Warp 4 was special—and how it lives on in unexpected
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