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Cancer treatments have better outcomes if the disease is caught early, but unfortunately symptoms often don’t present until later. A new Oxford study demonstrates an experimental blood test that shows promise in detecting a variety of cancers in patients, and even whether or not they’ve spread.

Being able to go into a doctor’s office for a routine blood test to check for cancer would save countless lives, so of course the idea has attracted much scientific study. Different tests have searched for different biomarkers associated with cancer, such as elevated levels of certain proteins, DNA mutations, RNA profiles of blood platelets, damage to white blood cells, or DNA methylation patterns.

The new Oxford test takes a different tack, instead hunting for blood metabolites, small molecules that are produced as a result of metabolic processes. These can be detected using a technique called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) metabolomics, which examines blood samples using magnetic fields and radio waves.test
Mobiliteit maar dan makkelijk.

Ons idee is dat mobiliteit beter kan. Daarom krijg je met een membership bij ons precies zoveel auto als je wilt en de mogelijkheid om te delen met je vrienden en familie.
V-test - Vergelijk en vind het energiecontract dat bij u past!test
There’s something fishy going on this video. While preparing a bowfin fish for dinner, this woman calls her husband over to show him something crazy! “What the hell, I don’t believe that,” her husband shouts. Even the dog is barking suspiciously in the background. Of course, he had had to turn on the camera and film it.

That’s one heck of a fresh fish! What would you do you think you would do if it happened to you?
“My service dog is my lifeline. I don’t say that to be cute. He helps keep me alive just like life support. If he gets distracted this happens. If he gets distracted I can die. Do not pet service dogs. Do not call to service dogs. Do not taunt service dogs. Do not talk to service dogs. Do not do anything to service dogs. Thank you,” Hailey writes on Instagram.
The EnChroma Color Blind Test is a proprietary color blind test designed to determine a person’s type and level of color blindness. Created by EnChroma, an independent company based in California, the EnChroma color blind test is the 1 online Color Blind tool for color vision deficiency taken by more than one million people worldwide.

The EnChroma test is based on the Ishihara “hidden digit” test method and is combined with a computer-adaptive algorithm to measure the type and level of color vision deficiency (CVD). It is available in a numbers mode for adults and children ages 10 and in a shape mode for kids ages 5 . The three main types of color blindness are Deutan, Protan, and Tritan. Learn more about the different types of color blindness.test
Life can be hard sometimes. The stress of work or school, the pressures of family, or even the evening news is enough to make anyone feel down.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just launch Netflix and find an uplifting or inspiring movie to lift your spirits and make you feel better about everything?

  • Everything Must Go
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Captain Fantastic
  • Greater
  • Freedom Writers
  • Blue Miracle
  • Seven Pounds
  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  • Awakenings
  • Yes Man
  • Skater Girl
  • Step Brothers
  • School of Rock
  • The Intouchables
  • Flipped
Netflix hosts a massive library of movies, so in this article you’ll find the most recent offerings that’ll lift your mood and make you feel
A goldfish has successfully driven a robotic car in new research from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. While it almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, it was an actual experiment to explore animal behavior.​

Are animals' innate navigational abilities universal or are they restricted to their home environments? Taking the premise to the extreme, the researchers designed a set of wheels under a goldfish tank with a camera system to record and translate the fish's movements into forward and back and side to side directions to the wheels. By doing so, they discovered that a goldfish's navigational ability supersedes its watery environs.

Their findings were published last month in the peer-reviewed journal Behavioural Brain Research.
It turns out 2021 wasn’t the mental reprieve we’d all been hoping for after the challenges of 2020, and unfortunately, the finalists of this year’s Best Illusion of the Year Contest aren’t going to leave your brain feeling any less raddled, confused, or exhausted as we quickly approach the new year. As they do every year, a group of talented neurologists, visual scientists, ophthalmologists, and artists have come together to create and celebrate the best optical illusions of the year, and once again their creations will make you wonder if your brain really is completely broken.test
Masa' Al-Khair (good evnening).. This is a small Arabic Language Tutorial that I made. It's not perfect (..yet!!), but it will give you some very good communication skills in one of the oldest living languages in the world!! (you can also learn how to read and write Arabic!)
I’m sure I’m not the only one that finds an icy windshield annoying, especially when I have to scrape it off on the blustery cold day. That’s why this tip from a weathercaster on how to de-ice the frost on your car’s windshield is perfect!

In this video demonstration, the weather forecaster shares his tip for removing ice. He uses a spray bottle that contains 2/3 portion of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and 1/3 water (a tablespoon of dish soap is optional).

He cautions to NOT use hot water – hot water can damage your windshield. After spraying the mixture on the glass, the frost melts away. And because of the freezing point of isopropyl alcohol, the spray bottle is safe to store in your car – it shouldn’t freeze.
Snel en eenvoudig Arabisch leren met de MP3 taalcursussen van book2! Hier vindt je Arabisch als vreemde taal in 100 gemakkelijke lessen (waarvan 100 gratis). Alle dialogen en zinnen zijn door moedertaalsprekers gesproken. Er is geen grammaticale kennis nodig. Je kunt meteen beginnen met het leren! Klik op de zinnen om de oplossingen te bekijken.taal
Je oude laptop kan meer dan je denkt. Iemand aan een job helpen, een schoolkind online les laten volgen of een gezin met de buitenwereld verbinden. Hoe oud of versleten je laptop ook is. Want samen met Ondernemers voor een Warm België, knappen we je hardware op en maken er heartware van. Zo helpen we samen gezinnen vooruit die het hard nodig hebben.
If you have a dog parent in your life, gifting them fun items, like personalized socks, a dog-shaped key chain, or a custom pet portrait might be tempting. While any of those would likely be loved by your recipient, they probably wouldn’t be used very much. That’s why we’ve put together a list of more practical gifts for dog parents.

Practical gifts might not be quite as fun to pick out as a pillow with a dog’s face on it, but they’ll probably be far more appreciated. Pets are expensive, so anything that saves a dog owner some cash is going to be most welcome! Let’s take a look at some useful things you can get for all your favorite dogs and their owners.
De stemming voor de Klara Top 100 is afgelopen, luister mee naar het resultaat op zaterdag 27 en zondag 28 november 2021
To the untrained eye, the loops, kinks and folds in the single strand of RNA that makes up the coronavirus genome look like a jumble of spaghetti or tangled yarn. But to researchers like Amanda Hargrove, a chemistry professor at Duke University, the complex shapes that RNA takes on as it folds upon itself could have untapped therapeutic potential in the fight against COVID-19.

In a study to appear Nov. 26 in the journal Science Advances, Hargrove and colleagues have identified chemical compounds that can latch onto these 3D structures and block the virus's ability to replicate.

"These are the first molecules with antiviral activity that target the virus's RNA specifically, so it's a totally new mechanism in that sense," Hargrove said.
Three. The short answer is: you really only need three kitchen knives. Many of us started our adult lives with an all-in-one knife block/set that included a variety of knives. But how many of those knives did you actually use? If you’re planning to regularly serve Thanksgiving-sized meals, sure all of the specialty knives included in the set might be useful. But, on an everyday basis, most home kitchens only need three knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.

I’m likely not the first person to share this piece of advice. It’s become relatively common knowledge that a modern kitchen doesn’t need an arsenal of specialty knives. In fact the legend himself Anthony Bourdain suggested in Kitchen Confidential that one knife was sufficient for most homes: “Please believe me, here’s all you will ever need in the knife department: ONE good chef’s knife, as large as is comfortable for your hand.”

So beyond the large, sharp, comfortable chef’s knife, a small paring knife for more delicate tasks and a serrated knife should round out your essential knife lineup. If you’d prefer to stick with a matching set, there are definitely some solid options. We’d suggest checking out Misen or Wüsthof. But we think it’s a lot more fun mixing and matching the essential kitchen knives. Need some advice picking out these knives? We’ve got you covered.
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