Windows 10 has a hidden video editor that works a bit like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. You can use it to trim videos or create your own home movies and slideshows. You can even have it create videos automatically.

This feature is part of the Photos app. It’s what remains of Windows 10’s “Story Remix” application, which Microsoft announced for the Fall Creators Update back in May,
When it comes to account security, using a password manager is generally a good idea. But what happens if that password manager is tracking what you’re doing and not even telling you? According to security researcher Mike Kuketz, the LastPass Android app has seven embedded trackers, and LastPass may not know what data they collect.

As first spotted by The Register, Kuketz used tools from Exodus Privacy to examine the LastPass Android app and discovered seven trackers embedded in its code:

  • AppsFlyer
  • Google Analytics
  • Google CrashLytics
  • Google Firebase Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • MixPanel
  • segment
If you’ve been hanging out on the corners of the internet that are obsessed with all things mechanical keyboard, you may have noticed some odd-looking designs: little rectangular boards with square keys in perfectly straight rows and columns. These are ortholinear keyboards, an interesting fad among the enthusiast crowd. What’s the deal? Let me explain for you.
De data over de werkzaamheid van de vaccins rollen in hoog tempo binnen. Wat betekenen de percentages echt?

Goed nieuws uit Schotland: door de uitrol van de vaccinatie loopt het aantal ziekenhuisopnames terug, ook bij de 65-plussers (DS 23 februari). Eén dosis van het AstraZeneca-vaccin vermindert vier weken na de prik het risico op een ziekenhuisopname met 94 procent. Na twéé prikken is er sprake van meer dan de 60 procent bescherming tegen symptomatische covid-19. Hoe vallen die cijfers te rijmen? Kan de bescherming tegen een (zeer) ernstige vorm van covid-19 hoger liggen dan de bescherming tegen alle vormen van covid-19, waaronder de milde?

Het antwoord is ja. Er bestaat wel veel verwarring over wat de werkzaamheid van de vaccins eigenlijk betekent.
Batterij vergelijkingstabel
Microsoft Stream is one of the many apps included in a subscription to Microsoft 365, but it’s far less well known than the standard Microsoft programs like Word or Excel. Stream lets users make, manage, and share videos. A new version of Stream was released recently, and it saves videos to Sharepoint, just like any other file you might create in Microsoft 365.

If you have access to Stream, then you can easily create screen recordings. We’ll walk you through all the steps for creating, managing, and sharing a screen recording with
Windows 10/8/7 offers the option to display certain messages during its startup and shutdown. These are referred to as Verbose Status Messages and tell us the processes or steps that the Windows operating system is taking during startup, shutdown, logon, and logoff operations. These verbose messages tell you what Windows is doing in the background while carrying out these operations.
This article shows basic patterns for initialization and configuration of a DbContext
Book APP Developed in Jon P Smith's Entity Framework Core in Action
Welcome to the Git repo that is associated with the book Entity Framework Core in Action published by Manning Publications. This book details how to use Entity Framework Core (EF Core) to develop database access code in .NET Core applications.

This Git repo contains all the code in the book, plus an example book selling site that I develop, and improve, in the book. All the code uses Microsoft's, open-source Entity Framework Core library for database
Entity Framework Core in Action is about how to write EF Core database code quickly, correctly, and ultimately, for fast performance. To help with the “quick, correct, fast” aspects, I include a lot of examples with plenty of tips and techniques. And along the way, I throw in quite a bit on how EF Core works on the inside, because that will help you when things don’t work the way you think they should.

The Microsoft documentation is good but doesn’t have room for detailed examples. In this book, I try to give you at least one example of each feature I cover, and you’ll often find unit tests in the Git repo (see the “About the code” section for links) that test a feature in multiple ways. Sometimes reading a unit test can convey what’s happening much more quickly than reading the text in the book can, so consider the unit tests as a useful test
Use C#, .NET classes, and LINQ to interact with databases like Sqlite, Azure SQL Server and even Azure Cosmos DB from .NET 5 apps with Entity Framework Core. See the latest features in action like many-to-many, table-per-type and filtered includes.linq test
EF Core 5 added a direct many-to-many relationship with zero configuration (hurrah!). This article describes how to set this direct many-to-many relationship and why (and how) you might want to configure this direct many-to-many. I also include the original many-to-many relationship (referred to as indirect many-to-many from now on) where you need to create the class that acts as the linking table between the two classes.
As developers, we spend the majority of our day in front of a computer screen writing code.

Eye fatigue (also known as Asthenopia) can be a serious issue and spending hours on end in the default VSCode setup can be tempting. While the out-of-the-box VSCode setup isn't bad by any means, your eyes may thank you if you invest a bit of your time configuring your setup (not just the font, but the theme, too).

In this article, I'm going to share the best fonts you can use specifically for coding. While subjective, I've comprised the list of free and paid fonts that make legibility a high priority (bonus points for the font looking beautiful as well).unity
Do all food bloggers secretly want a book deal? Because without fail, every time I look up a new recipe to make, I end up scrolling past a thousand-word essay about some food blogger’s beloved, great-great-grandmother whose culinary insights have endured generations after she personally back-stroked across the Atlantic to bring over flavors from the old country.

Well, now there’s a website that lets you skip all that preamble. Aptly named “Just the Recipe,” it takes any recipe URL and spits out a list of ingredients, estimated prep time, how many servings it makes, and step-by-step directions.

The site, which we spotted thanks to the good folks on Twitter, automatically sorts out the salient details, pun intended, from the needless word fluff. Since the system appears to be algorithmically generated, it’s not always perfect. A few times we tried it out, the site got its signals crossed and listed ridiculous amounts for some ingredients (it seems to have particular trouble sorting out ingredients that recipes typically leave open “to taste” like salt and pepper) but it was pretty consistent about picking up on all the important directions and putting them in the right order.
Alle Whatsapp en Facebook emoji voor Apple-, Android-, en Windowsapparaten en meer. Voorzien van betekenis unicode. Hier vind je alle voorkomende smileys voor Whatsapp en Facebook met zowel de beschrijving als hun betekenis. Je kunt de verschillende emoji’s op elk Apple, Android en Windows apparaat gebruiken. Veel plezier op ontdekkingsreis in de bonte wereld van emoji’s!
This site has both emojis and symbols that you can easily copy using a browser.

HotSymbol is a useful site with a large variety of symbols and emojis that you can copy and paste almost anywhere.

We’ve previously covered two similar sites, CopyChar.and Symbololology. Each is a little different, and this one has emojis and symbols, with a clean site layout and well organized categories.
It’s worth remembering that por was first on the scene. This came from the Latin "pro", meaning “for”, “on behalf of”. It’s thought that "para" was then formed from the original "por a".

Aside from being an interesting factoid, this helps us to understand a little about the difference between these words: We could say that para is por + direction towards

This is the first concept that will help you understand these two words.
Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a powerful query language introduced with .Net 3.5 & Visual Studio 2008. LINQ can be used with C# or Visual Basic to query different data sources.

LINQ tutorials will help you to learn the LINQ language using topics which go from basic to advanced. These tutorials are broken down into series of related topics, so that you start from a topic which must be understand first, and then gradually learn other features of LINQ sequentially. LINQ tutorials are packed with easy to understand explanations, real-world examples, useful tips, informative notes and points to remember.

These tutorials are designed for beginners and professionals who want to learn LINQ step-by-step.linq
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