De noodtoestand is zo groot dat we elke extra molecule CO₂ moeten vermijden, zegt geoloog en ecomodernist Manuel Sintubin. We moeten ons dringend wapenen tegen de gevolgen van klimaatverandering, want ‘we zijn vergeten dat de natuur hard kan uithalen’.

Ik heb ergens nog een oude badge van ‘kernenergie, nee bedankt’ liggen, maar ik kan hem niet meer terugvinden’, zegt Manuel Sintubin met een glimlach. De professor geologie is gespecialiseerd in aardbevingen, maar ook een veelgehoorde kritische stem in debatten rond energie en klimaat en een boegbeeld van de ecomodernisten, een stroming die een duurzame samenleving nastreeft inclusief het gebruik van kernenergie. Daarmee botst Sintubin met de traditionele groene beweging, die volgens hem ‘niet meegaat met de tijd en vasthoudt aan de antinucleaire stroming uit de jaren 70’.
A free real-time log file monitoring tool

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If you work at a computer all-day, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other related injuries are a major concern. Taking breaks helps, but if you want to take further steps to avoid these issues, then an ergonomic keyboard can save your wrists from more permanent damage.

Of course, the keyboard is only half the battle when it comes to these issues. While we’re solely focusing on ergonomic keyboards in this article, ergonomic mice are also extremely important when it comes to avoiding injury.
Ready to save yourself tons of time and effort? These Gboard tricks for Android are just what the (smartphone) doctor ordered.

If there's one thing we Android-totin' pterodactyls take for granted, it's just how good we've got it when it comes to typing out text on our pocket-sized phone machines.

It's all too easy to lose sight of over time, but Goog almighty, lemme tell ya: Typing on Android is an absolute delight. And all it takes is 10 seconds of trying to wrestle with the on-screen keyboards on that other smartphone platform to appreciate our advantage.

We've got plenty of exceptional keyboard choices 'round these parts, too, but Google's Gboard keyboard has really risen up as the best all-around option for Android input as of late. That's in large part because of its top-notch typing basics and its seamless integration of tasty Google intelligence, but it's also because of all the clever little shortcuts it has lurking beneath its surface.
Similar to Google’s own Files app, Google Photos includes a “Locked Folder” feature. This allows you to hide sensitive photos behind some form of security. We’ll show you how to keep prying eyes away from your photos.

Unlike the Files by Google app, Google Photos utilizes the screen lock on your Google Pixel smartphone. So, if you use a fingerprint to unlock your phone, that’s what you’ll use to open the “Locked Folder.” There’s also some nifty integration with the Google Camera.

Note: Photos and videos moved to the Locked Folder won’t appear in the main photos grid, memories, search, or albums. They aren’t backed up to the cloud and can’t be accessed on other devices.
Waterinfo is a website of the Flemish government. We want to inform you as accurately as possible about floods and droughts via this website. All the measurements and forecasts are to be found here. This way, appropriate measures can be taken to minimize water damage.
Uw online nachtwinkel met levering aan huis!

Proef het lekkerste ijs van Gelateria Luca!

Nieuw!!! Kaas- en tapasplank (vers bereid)
Problem: When using Windows 10 to open files on a OneDrive – a notification appears at the bottom right of the screen saying:

Application is downloading from OneDrive

The message is distracting and covers part of the screen.

Solution: To disable the prompt, click on the cog icon at the top right of the notification and click on ‘Turn off all notification for Automatic file downloads’ This will disable the OneDrive notifications for ALL APPLICATIONS.
This solution worked for me:

1. Run the following commands from an elevated privilege.

  1. netsh int ip reset
  2. netsh winsock reset
  3. ipconfig /release
  4. ipconfig /renew
  5. ipconfig /flushdns
2. Then restart your computer to check if the OneDrive Files On-Demand solved or not.pc
De gezondheidsindex sinds 1994, volgens basisjaar, laatste 13 maanden
Deurknoppen verhitten en onder stroom zetten of trappen insmeren met groen glibberig slijm. Je hoeft deze zomervakantie geen trucjes te gebruiken zoals in ‘Home Alone’ om inbrekers buiten te houden. Want naast gesofisticeerde alarmsystemen koop je tegenwoordig eenvoudige en betaalbare anti-inbraakgadgets in doe-het-zelfzaken of online. Wij lieten ze wikken en wegen door experts.taal
There are a lot of different ways you can use to transfer your files online. For example, you can simply do it over email or use one of the numerous apps and sites that offer this service.

However, if you need to transfer your file with added security, you might want to use something other than Dropbox or WeTransfer. Here are a few secure ways to transfer your files online with complete privacy.

  • Esto (This): Used when the noun or adjective is not mentioned in the sentence.
  • Este (This): Use when the noun or adjective is mentioned in the sentence.
  • Esta (This): Has the same meaning of Este (but feminine).
  • Estos (These): Plural form of Esto and Este.
  • Estas (These): Plural form of Esta.

Note: éste, ésta, éstos and éstas (with an initial accent) mean "This one" / "These ones", but sometimes is not used.

That/These (Used with something close to the listener):

  • Eso (That): Used when the noun or adjective is not mentioned in the sentence.
  • Ese (That): Used when the noun or adjective is mentioned in the sentence.
  • Esa (That): Has the same meaning of Ese (but feminine).
  • Esos (Those): Plural form of Eso and Ese.
  • Esas (Those): Plural form of Esa.

Note: These words also have the "That one" / "Those ones" forms: ése, ésa, ésos and ésas.

That/Those (Used with something away to the listener and the speaker):

  • Aquello (That): Used when the noun or adjective is not mentioned in the sentence.
  • Aquel (That): Used when the noun or adjective is mentioned in the sentence.
  • Aquella (That): Has the same meaning of Aquel (but feminine).
  • Aquellos (Those): Plural form of Aquello and Aquel.
  • Aquellas (Those): Plural form of Aquella.
Dankzij het coronacertificaat kan je vanaf 1 juli 2021 terug reizen binnen Europa. Maar waar kan je het coronapaspoort terugvinden? Meer informatie vind je hier.
Gmail API: The Gmail API lets you view and manage Gmail mailbox data like threads, messages, and labels.

This page contains information about getting started with the Gmail API using the Google API Client Library for .NET. In addition, you may be interested in the following documentation:

  • Browse the .NET reference documentation for the Gmail API.
  • Read the Developer's guide for the Google API Client Library for .NET.
  • Interact with this API in your browser using the APIs Explorer for the Gmail API.
Windows 11 requires a PC with TPM 2.0. So does your PC have TPM 2.0, TPM 1.2, or none of the above? Did your PC come with TPM disabled in its BIOS? Do you need to buy a TPM hardware module? And why does Windows even need a TPM in the first place?

What Is a TPM?

TPM stands for “Trusted Platform Module.” It’s a technology that provides security-related functions at the hardware level. It generates and stores encryption keys and performs functions in a tamper-resistant manner. It provides additional protection against malware and other types of attacks.pc
Welke planten zijn giftig? Welke bessen zijn giftig? Je kan deze brochure gebruiken als leidraad bij de aanplanting van je tuin of ter informatie bij bestaande kamer- en tuinplanten. Hou alvast de namen van je kamer- en tuinplanten goed bij, zodat je ze bij een ongeval meteen kan identificeren.
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